Improved College Teaching Assistance


The Adjunct Assistance website is being revised. You will see a change in appearance as well as organization. Article Categories have been revised to help readers more easily find the information they seek. This remains a work in progress. A few articles are yet to be published. ..... (read more)

Favorite The 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Instructors

In a 7-part series that begins Saturday, April 2nd, I will explore how Steven Covey’s 7 habits can be practiced by college faculty, particularly those new to the art of teaching. I will show you how making Covey’s habits your habits will make you a better instructor.

Students’ Prior Knowledge Can Help or Hinder Learning

I am sure that every instructor wants to know how learning works. Some do. Others think they do. And yet others, perhaps even you, want to make sure they do.

Aside: It will be helpful to have a basic understanding of cognitive learning theory as you go through this article. ..... (read more)

Cognitive Learning Basics

Before releasing my forthcoming articles on the seven principles of “How Students Learn,” I want to be sure all readers have at least a basic understanding of cognitive learning theory. Why? Every instructor at every level should and can apply the basics, and both they and their students will benefit. So, let’s move on to some definitions. ..... (read more)

How Learning Works – Lessons from the Pros

How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching is an outstanding reference for teachers. It holds particular value for college instructors who are subject matter experts but may lack expertise in the principles of teaching and learning which includes many adjuncts and new full-time instructors. ..... (read more)

College Teaching Jobs Forecast


College Teaching Jobs Forecast

Competition for tenure-track positions is expected to be high, as colleges and universities continue to move away from these positions and toward adjunct and part-time positions. Opportunities are expected to be good for part-time or adjunct professors. ..... (read more)

Applied Computer Skills


Good college instructors never assume anything. They know that one of the worst things instructors can do is overlook or misunderstand any special software they are expected to use. However, by taking a few precautions an instructor can keep a software surprise from becoming a hard shock. ..... (read more)

Classroom Management 101

I should have published this article long ago!  It’s a topic that is basic to successful teaching at any level.  With good classroom management, the instructor can normally avoid the annoying distractions students sometimes make and avoid conflicts within the classroom.   ..... (read more)

Applying for College Teaching Jobs

This article has not yet been posted. Topics will include: 1) information colleges commonly request; 2) cover letters; 3) resumes; 4) references; and more. In the mean time, if you have any comments or questions related to this subject use the comments form below to drop me a line by using the comment box below. ..... (read more)

College Instructor Computer Skills

Computer skills are vital for virtually every college instructor. What should you do if you lack those skills?

Computer Skills Required to Teach College Courses

As a prospective college adjunct there are two things you should do when it comes to computer skills. First, find out what is expected. Second, upgrade your skills where they are lacking. ..... (read more)