Books for College Instructors

Books for College Instructors

Find the Books You Need ... Only the Books You Need

Find the Books You Need … Only the Books You Need

Adjunct Assistance, in collaboration College Teaching Tips and Lighthouse for Learning,LLC, is pleased to recommend the following books to college instructors. Here you will find a selection of helpful references for college adjuncts and full-time instructors.

These books were personally chosen by Dr. Paul A. Hummel, Ed.D.. Dr. Hummel is the founder and editor of Adjunct Assistance, College Teaching Tips, and Keys for College Success. In addition, he recently launched Lighthouse for Learning, LLC. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Hummel has held a variety of positions in higher education. He has taught a variety of courses as an adjunct instructor and served as Dean for Technology, Mathematics & Physical Sciences for seven years at mid-western college.


This bookstore is under reconstruction. Recommendations will be organized by category to make it easier for instructors to find exactly the reference they need. Check back frequently for updates.


Books for College Instructors — 1 Comment

  1. I just found your blog via the Teaching for Success group on LinkedIn. Wow — thanks for sharing all this!

    Regarding your book list. I have read Palmer, and anything he writes is though-provoking. Will look up the others you recommend.

    I would recommend Teaching Tips by W.J. McKeachie and M. Svinicki. A former dean gave it to me…and I still pick it up when I hit a snag in the classroom.

    Best wishes!

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