Cognitive Learning Basics

Before releasing my forthcoming articles on the seven principles of “How Students Learn,” I want to be sure all readers have at least a basic understanding of cognitive learning theory. Why? Every instructor at every level should and can apply the basics, and both they and their students will benefit. So, let’s move on to some definitions. ..... (read more)

Educational Psychology, a Teacher’s Best Friend

Do I Need to Know This Stuff?  🙁

No, you don’t need to be expert in the field of educational psychology to be a good instructor, not that it wouldn’t help mind you.  As I stated on my “About” page, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of books out there that provide helpful insight into good pedagogy.   Therein lays the problem.  What the heck does pedagogy mean?  Even if an adjunct had time to identify and read the helpful literature, he/she might get bored to death with the onslaught of “academese.”  My goal is to provide practical, down-to-earth, user-friendly advice to instructors.  In the words of Joe Friday, I will provide the facts, just the facts.  Why?  Because it is really important to know something about how your students learn and how to design your lesson plan.  That’s right, lesson plan.  You know the saying, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” ..... (read more)