Do I Need to Spoon Feed Them?

No, but you do need to help them learn.

A common complaint I hear from students is that their teacher doesn’t explain things well. It may be that the instructor actually explains things extremely well. However, students learn by more than hearing. They want to see how problems are solved, and they need practice solving problems themselves. These represent the three primary ways in which students (or anyone, you and me included) learn. Read on. ..... (read more)

Helping Your Students Memorize Information


Mnemonic devices are memory aids. If you want to help your students learn, you may want to share some mnemonics tips with them. You probably don’t have a lot of time to teach mnemonics to your students, and some of your students may already know some good techniques. If you want to be sure students memorize something, ask the class if anyone has a tip, a trick if you will, that they use. If you sense that your class is all over this memorization thing, that’s great. But if you think by sharing a tip or two you might see better grades on the next test, go for it! ..... (read more)