The Biggest Mistake College Teachers Make

What Else Can Go Wrong?

If you type “teaching mistakes” into your favorite search engine you will get more than 45 million hits.  I found articles with titles like “Teaching Mistakes: Four Lessons for Instructors ,” “Ten Worst Teaching Mistakes,” “How the Best Teachers Avoid the 20 Most Common Teaching Mistakes,” and “The 67 Worst Teaching Mistakes.”  Where does it stop?  Is the teaching profession the most mistake-ridden of all?  Is there an award for the writer who identifies the most mistakes? ..... (read more)

What to do When College Students Don’t Show Respect

I have often said that anyone can teach at a research university, but you have to be good to teach at a community college. This case study supports my contention.  Problems with college students are … well … a real problem ..... (read more)

What Scares College Instructors Most?

Learn what instructors say scares them the most.

What Scares You About Teaching College Courses?

I want to address what instructors fear. What about teaching scares you, maybe just a little or maybe a lot? Leave me a comment. I will publish the good ones, and I will respond regardless whether your comment makes this website or not. Rest assured, I will do my best to be of assistance. ..... (read more)

Dealing With College Student Grade Appeals

Student grade appeals can be an unpleasant, time consuming annoyance. However, there are steps the wise college instructor can take to avoid them.