Ever Want to Wring a Student’s Neck?

Yes, I know you would never do that.

(I am right about that, aren’t I?)

Note: Don’t miss my recommended instructor mantra at the end of this post!

My first piece of advice … you guessed it … DON’T DO IT! You may want to give yourself a “timeout” until the urge passes. (Actually, you may not want to give yourself a timeout. The neck wringing idea may seem much more appropriate, but take the timeout. 😉 ) ..... (read more)

What Your Students Don’t Know …

… won’t hurt them.  That is correct, isn’t it?

Wrong!  There is so much students need to know and often don’t.  Think of it this way, what do you need to know to pilot a space shuttle?  Write everything down.  Think you got it all?  It’s doubtful, just like it’s doubtful your students know everything they should.  How can they?  Often times they don’t even know what they don’t know.  The result?  It may be problems in your class.  It may be problems in other class or even the problems registering for other classes.  It may be when they complete their coursework and apply graduate.  Ouch!  Those are the ones that the dean often hears about. ..... (read more)

Who Are These People?

… and do I really want to get to know them?

The answers are that they are your students, and if you don’t get to know them you’re in for hard times.  You may think you know your students.  You may think your students know you.  You may think they understand everything you tell them and they, in turn, tell you everything you need to know.  If you are right, God bless you!  However, if you are like most of us, you probably fall short.  Maybe not with all your students, but I bet there are one or two who, if you were honest, you just can’t figure out.  What’s more, these are often the ones that run to the dean with complaints. ..... (read more)