Classroom Management 101

I should have published this article long ago!  It’s a topic that is basic to successful teaching at any level.  With good classroom management, the instructor can normally avoid the annoying distractions students sometimes make and avoid conflicts within the classroom.   ..... (read more)

Advice for New College Instructors

Here are three pieces of advice I have for all you new adjuncts and, actually, all you adjuncts and new full-time instructors. I hope you find my teaching assistance tips of value. I think you will!

  • Be Prepared! – Do not think that your bountiful knowledge of the subject, years of exemplary experience and charismatic personality will pull you through. If you have not planned out each class your students will know.
  • Build on Your Strengths – Let student’s know your experience and qualifications and put them to use in your teaching.
  • Don’t Highlight Your Weaknesses – A new adjunct who tells the class that it is his or her first time teaching is setting him or herself up for ridicule and possibly failure. Some students will consider that sufficient reason to blame their failures on your. The reality is that you can’t possibly teach the class perfectly the first time. But let that be a little secret between you and me. 😉

Here are two more pieces of advice that I call Hummel’s Law: ..... (read more)

How to Write Test Questions

For some time now I have pondered how can I succinctly share best practices for writing test questions. Some day I will figure this out. Perhaps yet this year. For now, I want to refer you to an article posted by Indiana University – How to Write Better Tests: A Handbook for Improving Test Construction Skills which was authored by Lucy C. Jacobs, Ph.D. ..... (read more)