The 7 Principles of Good College Teaching

Principle 4: Prompt Feedback

David Royse (2001) (see my References page) gives an especially good summary of Chickering and Gamson’s findings after many years of research into teaching and learning. Here are the seven principles as paraphrased by Royse: ..... (read more)

YouTube and the College Instructor

Use YouTube Videos as Teaching Aids

Each time I check for online I find more and better videos, ones well suited for the college classroom.  There are variety of reasons an instructor should use this vast resource. ..... (read more)

An Instructor’s Self-fulfilling Prophecy

You really need to watch what you say!

Two students came into my office to complain about an adjunct instructor. By the way, this instructor got very good students evaluations for the course he taught for me in the fall. One of the things the students told me was that sometimes the instructor refuses to answer questions. “I am not going to spoon feed you,” is what they alleged he said. Let the record show that I have not yet confirmed this with the instructor. ..... (read more)

Save Your Email Correspondence

You Will Never Know When You Will Need It

Recently a mother emailed our college president to complain that an instructor of mine had inappropriately dropped her daughter out of his online class. In her lengthy email to our president, she commented that the instructor also sent a rude email to her daughter. ..... (read more)

Can You Be Too Kind?

When a student tells you he has a learning disability, you cannot be too kind. Right?

The answer is sometimes. I have the privilege of working with so many kind and caring adjunct faculty. Occasionally, in their attempts to be kind and caring, they are not fair and equitable to other students in their class. It is important that, before accommodating as special request from a student, you ask yourself two questions. ..... (read more)