Characteristics of Good College Instructors

This article is a work in progress. I will be adding to it and updating it on the fly. However, there many other articles on this website to address this topic.   Click on Characteristics of Good College Instructorsunder Topics on the left, and you will find them. ..... (read more)

Helping Male College Students Succeed

  1. What college instructors need to know about male students to help them succeed.

“Helping Male College Students Succeed” is the title of chapter 12 in The Pedagogy of the 21st Century by William A. Draves and Julie Coates. This is a book worth reading. And this is a chapter on a subject demanding attention from college instructors and administrators. ..... (read more)

Improved College Teaching Assistance


The Adjunct Assistance website is being revised. You will see a change in appearance as well as organization. Article Categories have been revised to help readers more easily find the information they seek. This remains a work in progress. A few articles are yet to be published. ..... (read more)

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators for College Teachers

In this series of articles I am going to help you, a college instructor, improve you teaching by getting to know yourself better. You will better understand your own personality and how your traits impact your job as a college teacher. ..... (read more)

The Biggest Mistake College Teachers Make

What Else Can Go Wrong?

If you type “teaching mistakes” into your favorite search engine you will get more than 45 million hits.  I found articles with titles like “Teaching Mistakes: Four Lessons for Instructors ,” “Ten Worst Teaching Mistakes,” “How the Best Teachers Avoid the 20 Most Common Teaching Mistakes,” and “The 67 Worst Teaching Mistakes.”  Where does it stop?  Is the teaching profession the most mistake-ridden of all?  Is there an award for the writer who identifies the most mistakes? ..... (read more)

Bloom’s Taxonomy Basics

Does the application of Bloom’s Taxonomy to teaching help students learn at a higher level? The answer is yes. It can turn a student into a thinker. *

For decades, teachers at all levels, from kindergarten through college, have improved the quality of their teaching and increased the level at which their students learn with one simple teaching job aide. That aide is a list comprised of what are most commonly called Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs. These instructors create richer learning experiences for their students, and students retain more useful knowledge in the process. ..... (read more)

How Teachers Can Avoid Interviewing Mistakes

I have interviewed no less than 200 applicants for part-time and full-time college teaching positions, and I have met both good and bad interviewees.  Many are nervous, which is to be expected, but many are also unprepared. ..... (read more)