Bloom’s Taxonomy Basics

Does the application of Bloom’s Taxonomy to teaching help students learn at a higher level? The answer is yes. It can turn a student into a thinker. *

For decades, teachers at all levels, from kindergarten through college, have improved the quality of their teaching and increased the level at which their students learn with one simple teaching job aide. That aide is a list comprised of what are most commonly called Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs. These instructors create richer learning experiences for their students, and students retain more useful knowledge in the process. ..... (read more)

Bloom’s Taxonomy

For years, Bloom’s Taxonomy has been near the top of the list of college teaching advice. Recently, I wrote another article on this subject.

Note: Before you spend more than $100 on a used copy of Bloom’s original book, I encourage you to purchase Steven Banks’s book: ..... (read more)